Google Tag Manager grows nearly 300% since January, boosts enterprise performance

Monday, April 22, 2013 | 11:02 AM

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Since launching Google Tag Manager last October, we’ve had the opportunity to work with lots of great clients and help them to become more agile marketers, boost their website speeds, reduce IT infrastructure headaches, and improve ROI for tagging related projects. We’ve seen impressive growth since the beginning of the year, with nearly 300% growth in traffic and 120% growth in enterprise customers.

We’ve just added a new “Success Stories” page to our website to highlight some of our favorite customer stories. You’ll find case studies from Airbnb, a community marketplace for accommodations, GoPro, maker of wearable cameras, and Magazine Luiza, a large online retailer in Brazil. These are just a few of the many enterprise customers now using Google Tag Manager -- and check back soon, we’ll be adding more stories to the page.

Google Tag Manager is designed to be easy and self-service, but if you’d like extra help (for example, if you have a complex web property with lots of existing tags), many of our clients have worked closely with our Partners, including GoPro, who worked with partner Analytics Pros.

We hope you’ll find these stories inspiring and helpful as you get started with Google Tag Manager.