Sharing Our Favorite Custom Segments

Friday, February 26, 2010 | 9:29 AM

Analysts often consider an aggregated view of their visitors when assessing reports in Google Analytics. Every visitor is assumed to be of the same type. But, looking at the information in an aggregated form is not nearly as useful as assessing the data for individual audience segments. Different types of visitors - whether new, returning, organic, paid, and so on - behave very differently and have vastly different expectations. The ability to understand what each of them wants, and how to cater to them, is important towards building a successful online presence.

Google Analytics makes it easy to segment your audience with advanced segments. Google Analytics includes a number of predefined advanced segments (e.g. new visitors, paid search visitors, iphone users) that you can take advantage of immediately. More importantly, however, you can create custom advanced segments tailored to your own specific needs.

One of the new Google Analytics features announced in October is the ability to share custom advanced segments with other users across accounts. Using this feature, I'll share links to my favorite custom segments that you can use too. Head over to the Solutions for Southeast Asia blog to learn more and for links to the following segments.

* Bounced visits
* Visits that dropped out of the funnel
* Brand keyword visits
* Brand keyword (organic) visits
* Brand keyword (paid) visits
* Non-brand keyword visits
* Non-brand (organic) visits
* Non-brand (paid) visits
* Visits from Country X
* First-time buy visits
* Return visit buys