Back To Basics: Save Clicks, Save Time

Monday, September 21, 2009 | 3:24 PM


Did you know that you can save clicks and jump directly to a deep-level report from your dashboard? Let's say that you want to see which cities in California you get traffic from. Ordinarily, you'd need to click Visitors, then Map Overlay in the report navigation. Then, you'd need to click United States, then California. But, you can save 3 of these 4 clicks by simply adding this report to your dashboard.

Try it now. Go to one of your favorite reports that requires several clicks to access. Once you've arrived at the report you want --and at the level you want it -- click Add to Dashboard. (The Add to Dashboard button is at the top of your report on the left, next to the Export and Email buttons.)

You'll now see the report on your dashboard. The next time you log in to your Analytics account, you'll be able to see the top cities from California on your dashboard and jump right to the report with a single click.