Does Google Website Optimizer Work On Large Sites?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009 | 5:30 PM

You bet it does! With a resounding yes, we're proud to give a shout out to our sibling product, Google Website Optimizer, which was used successfully to run a huge, and we mean huuuuuuge, multivariate test on the YouTube homepage. Take a look at what happened on the YouTube blog. Over 1000 different recipes were tested on all US homepage visits, with great results - the new page performed 15% better than the original page.

The YouTube blog post is fascinating reading, showing screenshots of the different variables on the homepage that were tested. And for those of you working on high traffic, enterprise-level sites, you know that making small, proven improvements - thereby moving the needle by small percentages - can mean huge wins for your bottom line. It's a must-read showing the practicality of multivariate testing.