Shout out to Google Reader

Thursday, July 16, 2009 | 10:30 AM

Every now and then we like to give a shout out to another Google product and today, as avid bloggers, we wanted to mention Google Reader which allows you to subscribe to and follow any blog or website, and then read them all in one place via a table of contents on the left. It's my first stop when I open my browser in the morning, and probably where I spend the most time online. You are your own publishing house and your own news aggregator. There's also some other handy features, such as a task and notes list, as well as a way to browse other users' subscriptions, share certain content with different groups, see a trends graph on what you've been reading the most, and more.

But what we wanted to share is the translate feature. We recently posted about Google Analytics and conversion-related blogs in other languages, including Spanish, German, French, Japanese and even one focused on the UK market. A colleague brought the following to our attention: with Google Reader, you can read all of these blogs by using a translate feature to read them in your own language with the click of a button. So, if you're reading these words right now, and your first language is not English, go into Google Reader and subscribe to this blog and then translate. Here's how you do it: 1. Click and read a subscription. 2. Click the "Feed Settings" drop down. 3. Choose "Translate into my language."

Then Reader will translate the content into the language you have specified under your Google Account "Settings" page. For example, if Spanish was the language in my Settings and I chose to translate the blog, here's how it would look:

Cool, huh? Hope this was helpful for all you avid readers out there who can't get enough of analytics in just one language.