New "Data Driven Discussions" video: Avinash and Nick give each other a piece of their minds

Thursday, July 09, 2009 | 9:10 AM

Avinash, our Analytics Evangelist, and Nick, our Developer Relations Manager, both come from a long history of working with web analytics and both enjoy a good debate. In fact, I often hear them bickering in a good-natured way - or not good-natured at all with much name calling - about the topic of this episode: what do you disagree about in terms of each other's approach to web analytics?

Web analytics is a highly collaborative practice, more of which we'll cover in future episodes of DDD, and with just a little work, it can be a fascinatingly useful moving target. It's a struggle to balance what can be done with what data is valuable, and as a discipline it should always be approached with a spirit of pragmatism, which both our practitioners touch on in this video while clearly having fun.

It's a lively topic where we learn what's important to Avinash and Nick. Hopefully it also shows that no matter the approach, the most important thing is that the dialogue is actually happening and analysis is getting started. And near the end, you'll hear about one issue they both agree is a big challenge in terms of measurement, and what they think about it's usefulness.

There are more of these videos to come where you can enjoy more fireworks between Avinash and Nick and be inspired. And, please continue to contribute questions for future episodes to We'll get to them over the next few months.