New Tracking Options with AdWords Rich Media and Video Templates

Thursday, April 02, 2009 | 12:32 PM

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On the Analytics blog, we spend a lot of time talking about bounce rate. The bounce rate is defined as the percent of users who leave your website after viewing just one page (Single Page Access / Entries). There's been a new development in AdWords that could help lower your bounce rate for display ads, while giving you more granularity into which segment or area of an ad visitors tend to click on.

With the new Rich Media and Video templates in the AdWords Display Ad Builder, you can now show off several products and define multiple destination URLs, all within the same ad. Using Google Analytics, you can add tracking parameters to the end of each destination URL, telling you exactly which items users found to be most interesting in the ad. This will give you insights on your creative, such as which items to focus on and how prominently they should be featured in the ads.

Here's an example: You're selling multiple kinds of shoes, each with a different landing page. You upload images of 4 different shoes to a rich media template, and define a unique destination URL for each, adding Analytics parameters. You run your ad on the Google content network and using Google Analytics, you see that Shoe 3 was the most clicked. You can now alter your creatives for other display ads to focus more on Shoe 3. Your click through rates for your ads increase, and your costs per conversion decrease.

To learn more about these templates and the display ad builder tool, take a look at our post on the AdWords blog.