New Analytics Report: TV Campaigns

Wednesday, June 04, 2008 | 8:09 AM


Hot on the heels of this March’s release of the Audio Campaigns report within Google Analytics, we’ve just added more offline-to-online reporting features: TV Campaigns reporting. This report represents a further integration between Google Analytics and AdWords, and another helpful tool for you to measure the online effects of offline marketing.

AdWords TV Ads is an all-digital system that distributes advertisers' TV ads to participating channels nationwide. You can upload your TV ad—a video file—to your AdWords account and, with a few clicks, start a campaign by choosing from more than 90 nationwide TV stations to air the ad on. You can also specify the time of day and week, audience demographic, and type of program you'd like to target. If you need help creating a TV ad, you can find and connect with production specialists through our Ad Creation Marketplace. It’s a simple and streamlined process for TV advertising.

And the best part: it’s highly trackable. If your AdWords account is linked with your Google Analytics account, you can easily see what happens to your online traffic while a TV spot is running. The current available TV metrics include:

  • Impressions delivered
  • Number of ad plays
  • Cost
  • CPM
You can now track these metrics and plot them alongside metrics already within Google Analytics, such as conversions, visits, and time on site. This way, you can see correlations between a TV campaign and your website traffic. Take a look at the below screenshot of TV spots run by a pet company. It shows website visits plotted against the number of TV impressions (how many times your TV ad played). If you've already linked your Analytics account to your AdWords account, this data appears automatically within Analytics when you run a TV ad.

Audio Campaigns and TV Campaigns are especially helpful for marketers taking advantage of the offline advertising options within AdWords. AdWords is running a promotion in which Google will cover the cost of creating your TV ad through our Ad Creation Marketplace, up to $2000.