Introducing Google Analytics Seminars for Success

Thursday, March 13, 2008 | 9:15 PM

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Since 2006, AdWords has been offering Seminars for Success in cities across the country to very positive reviews. Delivered by industry professionals hand-picked by Google, the seminars are one day courses offered solely to help advertisers get the most out of AdWords.

Now, as recently announced on the Inside AdWords blog, we're joining AdWords in offering Google Analytics Seminars for Success. Similar to the AdWords seminars, these are led by the most knowledgeable professionals from our very own Google Analytics Authorized Consultant program, with an agenda and content created by both the seminar leaders and our own Google Analytics team. The first seminars are now open for registration and are beginning on March 25 in both San Francisco and Raleigh-Durham.

We'll be offering two different levels of Analytics Seminars:

Introduction & User Training - designed for those who want an introduction to Google Analytics, setting up Analytics, exploring the user interface, and analyzing reports.
Here is a list of topics that will be covered:
  • Introduction to Google Analytics
  • Reports Interface
  • Administrative Interface
  • The Importance of Goals
  • Real-world Case Studies
  • What Do You Want To Track?
  • Optimizing AdWords and PPC Campaigns
  • Introduction to Experimentation and Tracking
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Advanced Technical Implementation - designed for more technical users who want to do advanced testing, tracking, and code customization.
Topics include:
  • Successful Web Analytics Approaches
  • Creating A Data Driven Culture
  • Google Analytics Overview
  • Goals and Funnels
  • Advanced Profile/Filter Combos
  • Advanced Tracking
  • Code Customizations
  • Introduction to Urchin Software
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Analytics and AdWords Seminars will be coming to the following cities in the next few months:

March 25 - San Francisco Bay Area - Analytics: Introduction & User Training
March 25 - Raleigh - Analytics: Introduction & User Training
March 26 - San Francisco Bay Area - Analytics: Advanced Technical Implementation
March 26 - Raleigh - Analytics: Advanced Technical Implementation

March 24 - San Francisco Bay Area - AdWords: Beginner & Intermediate
April 7 - San Diego - AdWords: Beginner & Intermediate
April 28 - Dallas - AdWords: Beginner & Intermediate

Sign up 7 days before the seminar date and we'll even throw in a $50 AdWords advertising credit. (View the terms and conditions of advertising credits.) You'll find more information about these seminars, including course outlines and registration instructions at And of course, if you'd like to be informed when AdWords and Analytics Seminars become available in your area, simply fill out this form.