Welcome Avinash!

Monday, March 12, 2007 | 6:19 PM

One of our missions on the Google Analytics team has been to help website owners refine their content creation process through consideration of the user experience. And not just a few website owners, but rather all of you, because as the web matures, both surfers and designers are becoming more savvy. From searchers to site owners, from AdWords advertisers to AdSense publishers -- all of you are more sensitive to the dialogue between content and audience, between usefulness and accessibility. By making robust web analytics accessible to everyone, we hope that the actual landscape of user experience on the web will improve. We hope that those of you who are website owners will refine your visitors' experience and innovate around data.

As Google Analytics continues to refine and innovate, we couldn't think of a better addition to our team than Avinash Kaushik. Those of you who regularly attend web analytics conferences and read related blogs and forums will recognize Avinash as an enthusiastic and informed speaker, critic, leader, and web analytics practitioner. He is a friend to anyone seeking a conversation or advice about web analytics. From the most important metrics to track, to the differences between products, Avinash always has something insightful to offer.

Now that he's joined Google, he's going to be helping us reach new levels of usefulness. We're excited that he is bringing his experience, resourcefulness, and passion to the Analytics team. And we can't wait to hear what he learns in his conversations about web analytics with you. Apart from work, he's a family man and prolific blogger. We're so glad to have him. Welcome, Avinash!