Heard at SES

Thursday, August 10, 2006 | 3:53 PM

Well, SES San Jose 2006 is over, and we had a great time meeting all
of you who stopped by the Google Analytics booth and attended the Google
Dance. Yesterday, there was a panel called "Vendor Chat On
Measuring Success" which included our own Brett Crosby, Senior
Product Marketing Manager for Google Analytics and co-founder of
Urchin. Each of the vendors on the panel were asked to discuss the
various approaches to measuring a website's success -- from
conversions to ROI, from customer inclusion to the idea of
"persuasion" in a discussion of marketing success.

Before the Q & A period, each panelist had five minutes to identify
the most important issue in web analytics. According to Brett, "The
most important thing about web analytics is something our product
doesn't do. And none of the other products do it either."

What is that crucial thing? It's analyzing and then taking action on
your web analytics data. Knowing how to do that makes all the
difference. To properly monitor and analyze your data, Brett suggested
doing one of three things (or some combination of them): analyze
and act on the data yourself; hire a professional services firm; or
hire an in-house analyst.

Regardless of which you choose, you have incredible flexibility with
Google Analytics. If you hire an in-house analyst or if you analyze
the data yourself, you've got many resources including this blog, the
Conversion University, the Help Center, built-in product Help,
and the Google Group. For those who want to hire a professional
services firm, we've got a world class international network of Google
Analytics Authorized Consultants.

We really enjoyed meeting you and look forward to connecting with
even more people using Analytics in the future. Please let us know if
there's anything else you'd like to see from support or marketing or
even from this blog by shooting us an email.