New report added: AdWords Keyword Positions

Tuesday, June 27, 2006 | 12:19 PM

Yesterday we added another report tailored specifically to AdWords users. The new report called AdWords Keyword Positions displays search position correlated with visits and conversions for each of your keywords. Drill down on any keyword to see its display position. Positions T1 through T3 indicate that your ad was promoted to the top of the search results page. Positions 1 through 8 indicate placement or location in the right-hand column of ads with 1 being the top position. 9 through 16 indicate the same on the second page of ads and so on. Here's an example of the position distribution of clicks on ads for searches on the keyword Google Pen in our account:

AdWords Keywords Positions is useful for advertisers in determining the value of your keywords and bid amounts in relation to your ad's actual position or rank on Google search results pages. This report can be used in conjunction with the Position Preference feature in AdWords to optimize around ad position in the following way: the AdWords Keyword Positions report in Google Analytics shows conversion rates and CTR for a keyword's results position -- and then, with Position Preference in AdWords, you can select that position as a target. We hope you find this level of integration between AdWords and Analytics to be useful.

You'll see data in this new report if:

  • Your AdWords and Analytics accounts are linked
  • You've turned on Auto-tagging in your AdWords account settings

One more thing: if you don't yet have a Google Analytics account, we've cleared out the waiting list for invitations. Once you've signed up within a few days you should get an email message with an invitation code.